Sunday, March 18, 2012

There is no place like home

A lot has been going on here in the C household. This is week 3 of commuting for Mom, as she starts a new gig, in Southern CA. I am Home Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, and then get a very early morning flight back to beautiful San Diego Monday morning. I guess you could say, that this job came a bit early. With Ms Claire starting her Senior year in September, R and I decided to let her finish High School with her friends. I traveled at least 3 nights a week in my old job, so one could argue that 4 nights shouldn't be that bad. But right now, it isn't so fun. A year from now, with Claire in her College of choice, I will be home with them every night. I am counting down the months, looking for houses, and keeping so busy at work, that it's almost better that Ralph and our Nanny Rochelle, keep everything normal for the 5 little C's.

When I tell people what we are doing, we have had a lot of encouragement. Mostly from people that were moved out of High School before they could graduate. Claire is the best kid ever. She deserves to graduate with her buddies.

So, we cherish every moment, just a little more....

This weekend it rained and rained. That 8am game came really early with a 5:15am wake up call. Quinn and his team took 3rd. We were proud fans! The little's played their own game, and we dodged the 2nd storm by minutes. We had a great slumber party on Saturday, and Mr R and Gracie took a nap this afternoon.

I am thankful for short plane rides and skype. I am grateful for 5 little C's who tell me that they missed me. Life hasn't really changed so much for them. But I hope that a year from now, when I can tuck them in bed every single night, that it will all be worth it.

So, I think to myself on Friday nights, as I board that plane, "there is no place like home." Sometimes I really wish I had a pair of ruby slippers.


Anonymous said...

On a whim, I logged on to see if you had posted anything. I love the pictures and the update you included. You all are always in my prayers. Being so busy, will keep you out of trouble. You know how much time I have, and I am always in trouble.

Take good care of yourselves.

We love you,

Anonymous said...

That is my theme too... "There is no place like home" after our year of commuting and challenges last year, but God is faithful and uses these times to strengthen us. Glad you get home on weekends. We will be coming down next weekend (the 31st...) Maybe we can get together. I wanted so much to come down last weekend to see Quinn's game, but weather was not great (yes, we even got a little snow) and I have not had much energy... sick again with allergies, sinusitis and whatever... Trying to rest up before the trip to Mexico. Miss you all every day! Hugs to the kids and Ralph! Love the family picture... at last!!! From Aunt Kim