Friday, March 2, 2012

Ha*risburg IL Please say a prayer

No Pictures here.
I grew up in a tiny town in Illinois. Har*isburg. My Grandparents loved me and I was proud to call this little town my home. I cannot believe what has happened there. Blessed that Ammie and Papa and our cousins are OK. I am not sure how to help, but I know there are special people, in a special town, who need lots of help.

Chloe and Josh, I am so happy that the tornado missed you. Maybe by only yards...God did bless you. Thankful. I got a text from a friend who grew up in town a few miles away, a few moments after it happened. She was faster than CNN and God sent...

Har*isburg was my home. My family is still there. Please pray for these sweet people.

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Anonymous said...

So, so sorry for the loss of life and the destruction we have seen. There are still a lot of good people in the world. We know that because they came from all over IL and the midwest, as far away as PA, to help. The Governor was here for the six funerals. Hopefully, we have a good governor this time.

May God bless these precious people.

Ammy & PaPa