Monday, February 13, 2012

It's Cool to be Adopted

Emily is asleep, but she and I talked about her post last night. I brought Emily to China for several reasons. One was to see a part of Asia, another was to spend some quality, one on one time with her, and the most important reason? It was for her to connect the dots to her own adoption. From a child, in her case, in Foster care, to the love of a forever family. I believe that she understands things so much more now. She saw a new baby arrive joyfully into a new family. She sees how much Mary and Brady love this little girl, and I really believe that she can better appreciate what happened to her when she was 4 months old arriving home from Korea. So the conversation last night went like this:

"Mama, Ivy sure is cute."
Yes she is Emily.
"Mama, Mary and Brady love Ivy a lot."
Yes Emily.
"Mama, I think it's cool to be adopted."
And from her heart to the shining dimpled smile on her face, I just smiled and said,
Yes Emily, it is really cool to be adopted.
I asked her if it was OK to put our conversation on the family blog. I am really proud of my own precious girl, getting all loved up in China. I am blessed to be her Mama.

Emily's post for the day:
Yesterday I got to see Ivy. She is really cute. I did not do any homework. Brady and I went swimming. We went to Pizza Hut to dinner.
I think it is cool to be adopted.

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Anonymous said...

After viewing Mary's blog, I thought I would check to see if you had anything on yours. Glad I did. It appears that Ivy also loves our sweet Emily. Yes, Emily, it is cool to be adopted, and it is so cool being Ammy to you and your four siblings.

You are so loved. You light up our loves.

Love and Blessings to All,