Saturday, February 18, 2012

Emily on the Island

Hi, I am still having lots of fun!
I was up really late last night, but Mama still let me watch The Brady Bunch.
I like that show.
I also have a Brady here that has been teasing me and playing with me. He is very funny.
Today we saw lots of babies go to the Doctor. They are all cute.
We went shopping. I got a new dress. Mama got Shaelani one too.
Mama took me to the Hotel that she and Daddy went to with Claire and Shaelani.
I liked the birds and the fish.
Mama took a picture of me on a red couch.
I found a cool hat that says Jei Mei. That's me.
I am going to the zoo tomorrow. Mary says I get to feed a baby lion. I hope so.
Love, Emily

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Anonymous said...

Emily, we got up at 6 a.m. this morning by mistake, so I checked your blog. How awesome to see you first thing and read your note.

We are so glad you are having fun. I love your ball cap, and you look so cute in it. Be careful when you feed the baby lion. I hope Mama or Mary will take a picture for us.

You will have lots to tell us when we see you again.

Love to you and Mama,
Ammy & PaPa