Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gym Girls

Talented, beautiful and very special. I love you all so very much. Great job Gym Girls. And yes, I am learning, to cherish every moment.
PS I loved Whitney...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Emily at the Zoo

We went to the zoo today.
We saw lots of animals.
I fed a white tiger, and I touched a baby tiger.
I also held a blue macaw.
I saw giraffes, elephants, bears, tigers, lions, birds, koala bears and giant pandas.
I had a good day.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Emily on the Island

Hi, I am still having lots of fun!
I was up really late last night, but Mama still let me watch The Brady Bunch.
I like that show.
I also have a Brady here that has been teasing me and playing with me. He is very funny.
Today we saw lots of babies go to the Doctor. They are all cute.
We went shopping. I got a new dress. Mama got Shaelani one too.
Mama took me to the Hotel that she and Daddy went to with Claire and Shaelani.
I liked the birds and the fish.
Mama took a picture of me on a red couch.
I found a cool hat that says Jei Mei. That's me.
I am going to the zoo tomorrow. Mary says I get to feed a baby lion. I hope so.
Love, Emily

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I am Learning a Lot

Mama and Brady and I took a boat ride. There was lots of fog and rain.
It was cold.
We went shopping. I didn't buy anything. But I had fun.
We saw a pagoda. I did not climb it but Brady did.
I learned about the Phoenix and the Dragon. They helped make a lake.
I have done all of my homework.
I get to go swimming everyday.
I have fun. Mama took a picture of me and Ivy.
Love, Emily

Monday, February 13, 2012

It's Cool to be Adopted

Emily is asleep, but she and I talked about her post last night. I brought Emily to China for several reasons. One was to see a part of Asia, another was to spend some quality, one on one time with her, and the most important reason? It was for her to connect the dots to her own adoption. From a child, in her case, in Foster care, to the love of a forever family. I believe that she understands things so much more now. She saw a new baby arrive joyfully into a new family. She sees how much Mary and Brady love this little girl, and I really believe that she can better appreciate what happened to her when she was 4 months old arriving home from Korea. So the conversation last night went like this:

"Mama, Ivy sure is cute."
Yes she is Emily.
"Mama, Mary and Brady love Ivy a lot."
Yes Emily.
"Mama, I think it's cool to be adopted."
And from her heart to the shining dimpled smile on her face, I just smiled and said,
Yes Emily, it is really cool to be adopted.
I asked her if it was OK to put our conversation on the family blog. I am really proud of my own precious girl, getting all loved up in China. I am blessed to be her Mama.

Emily's post for the day:
Yesterday I got to see Ivy. She is really cute. I did not do any homework. Brady and I went swimming. We went to Pizza Hut to dinner.
I think it is cool to be adopted.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Welcome to China Emily

I am doing fine. I am not so sleepy today. Yesterday and today I visited Hong Kong. I got to ride on a boat, and see the city from way high up. There is so much to see in China. I did some of my lessons for school. I have already read one of my books, and I am helping my mama. I get to meet Lexi's new sister tomorrow. I am having fun. I love you Shaelani. I love everyone.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

BFF's Forever

Tung Tung, Nadi wanted to thank you so much for coming to visit her! We had such a good time, we always love to see you and we wanted you to know that we love you very much. Thank you precious girls from Hunan, you always make this Mama remember what a miracle the 2 of you are. Come back soon Sienna!