Monday, January 2, 2012

Let it Snow!

Another New Years Eve has come and gone. 2011 was an amazing year and we had some wonderful family time at our cabin this weekend to celebrate the beginning of 2012. The kid's had a blast playing in the snow. We started out with a lot of it (Mom slid down the hill the first night with all of the ice, didn't mean to, just lost her footing), but the days were mild and it melted pretty quickly. Our snowman was all but gone this afternoon when we loaded up the cars to come home.

Quinn made dinner for New Years Eve with the help of Papa. He really did an amazing job. I thought it would just be a few lobster tails with butter, but Quinn had a vision, and we just let him do his thing. Dinner was fabulous, thanks to this little cook.

Emily, Shaelee and Vincent put on several dance concerts, and made an igloo outside. We also loved the icicle we had the first day on our front porch.

All the C's loved the snow, loved the company of their grandparents, and had beautiful weather to enjoy in the high country.


DiJo said...

How come your snow gear looks so different that ours?
What a blast!!!!! It's like spring skiing in your area!
It looks like you had a fabulous weekend! Happy New Year!!!


Anonymous said...

We are thankful we could spend New Years Eve and Day with this part of our family. Loved helping Chef Quinn with his great cooking.

Thanks to special grandchildren for sharing your lives with us.

Love, Ammy & PaPa