Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year

Every year I get a favorite email from my friend T. She brings Chinese New Year to life. In fact, she is off this week celebrating. I will miss our Chinese New Year celebration this year in Connecticut with Shaelee's buddies. But this year, when we would normally be in NYC, Emily and I will actually be in China, with our friends Mary and Brady, meeting their new baby girl, Ivy. So here is to the year of the Dragon, may it be a good year, and a blessed year....and may Ivy, Jenny and another Shea come home very soon!
Thanks T!

Hi everyone -
Chinese New Year will take place on Monday January 23rd, 2012 and as you
know or may not know this is a big holiday for my family and myself - every
year we converge home to celebrate this occasion. So for your
entertainment, here is the Year of the Dragon in review:

Drama characterized the Dragon year, both in the lavish events and
unpredictability. This year is marked at its beginning and end by
significant international developments.
The bizarre and the unexpected are associated with this sign. The
performing arts, fashion and cultural events come under favorable auspices
- the more original, the better.
Magnificent projects and outlandish schemes are the order of the day.
Financially the feel good factor sweeps us along on a wave of elation;
risks are taken, fortunes are
made and lost. Starting a business or initiating a major project in this
year will all bring success.

Some world changing inventions and "firsts" are linked to dragon years: the
thermos bottle, scheduled television service, electron microscope, civil
rights movements,
mechanical heart, genetically altered mouse.

As traditions go, you want to start the New Year on the right foot so pay
up all the bills, clean and put your house in order, ensure your car is
fueled, and your pantry is filled -
you don't want to start the New Year with 'needs'. It is also important
to buy a brand new container of salt because salt is considered as the most
important and basic element spice and
therefore represents prosperity. Also, the first 10 days of the New Year
sets the tone for the rest of the year so go ahead and fill your calendar
with fun events with friends and family!

Each year dictates the lucky directions and the lucky hours for all of us
to perform and to gain Prosperity & Happiness.
Prosperity - true South
Happiness and Relationship: true East
Midnight - 1 AM
2 AM - 3 AM
6 AM - 8 AM

Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Emily is 9

Happy Birthday Emily!
We love you so much.
I love the first picture of you on Christmas Eve.
I think Aunt Kim and Uncle Chris's card said it all in their special card to you.


You are a beautiful child that has been a blessing to this family. Your smile and kindness fills our hearts with joy. We know we are loved by you and you know you are loved by us. May God bless you with a long life filled with love, joy and faith! We love you so much. Know that we are always there for you.

Happy Birthday Emily. You truly are a blessing from God. Dimples straight from Heaven.

PS Shaelee was a little sad, she doesn't quite understand that every birthday shouldn't be hers too. We love you sweet pea.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Let it Snow!

Another New Years Eve has come and gone. 2011 was an amazing year and we had some wonderful family time at our cabin this weekend to celebrate the beginning of 2012. The kid's had a blast playing in the snow. We started out with a lot of it (Mom slid down the hill the first night with all of the ice, didn't mean to, just lost her footing), but the days were mild and it melted pretty quickly. Our snowman was all but gone this afternoon when we loaded up the cars to come home.

Quinn made dinner for New Years Eve with the help of Papa. He really did an amazing job. I thought it would just be a few lobster tails with butter, but Quinn had a vision, and we just let him do his thing. Dinner was fabulous, thanks to this little cook.

Emily, Shaelee and Vincent put on several dance concerts, and made an igloo outside. We also loved the icicle we had the first day on our front porch.

All the C's loved the snow, loved the company of their grandparents, and had beautiful weather to enjoy in the high country.