Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween

They couldn't wait to try on their costumes. Thank you Misty for the hat, the broom, and the seriously cool candles! Emily wanted to be a witch, and Shaelee wanted to be her cat. I worked most of the day, just to be sure I could be home tomorrow night to trick or treat.
We can't wait to see Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf tomorrow! Love the sibling camaraderie.
I love Halloween, always have. I love that my kid's love it too.

And I did add a few more pictures of tonight.

So here are the new pictures, and I love how Claire took care of the littles. Once again, we were so happy to see Ms Lexi. Yesterday I said, Lexi is coming for Halloween! No drama, they were all working together to clean the house and get ready for a very special little princess. I wish they would do the same for me ):

But hey, we had a blast, and seeing Little Red Riding Hood with the Wolf? Loved it!
2 years ago, we sat on our doorstep knowing that we were leaving to see our special Shaelee. We met the S's in China....and tonight, we await their new daughter, Ivy, and we spent the holiday together as very special friends.

Love you S's and love you Lexi! (and from far away, we love you too Ivy)