Monday, October 24, 2011

It's a really wonderful and amazing life!

So Happy 19th anniversary Ralph. You are an amazing guy and I love to infinity and beyond! As we went out for our romantic dinner, with 5 children looking at us just a table away...we are both amazed at our lives. When we finally married (that's another story for another day (: ), we never could have dreamed that we would have 5 of the sweetest kids in all of the world. That we would have traveled all over Asia to meet them, love them and cherish them for always....Never would we have dreamed of how amazing life would be, if only you follow your heart, and listen, just a little, to God's plan.
We have 5 beautiful children:
Claire, the child whisperer who spent last Saturday dressing up little sister's for their Halloween carnival at school. (She took those beautiful pictures and has an A in her HS photography class).
Quinn, who spends every Saturday with very special kids, one of which has captured his heart and who is his forever soccer buddy. You are amazing Q!
Vincent, our miracle child that has the biggest heart ever.
Emily, our dimpled darling that keeps us laughing and has an answer for everything.
Shaelee, who rounded out the crazy C family with her infectious laugh and special hugs.
Who could have ever known when we walked down that aisle what God had planned. It's a really wonderful and amazing life!
Happy Anniversary Ralph, I love you. J

PS Thanks for stopping by Uncle Chris! And Gracie we love you too.