Monday, October 10, 2011

San Diego

It's a very busy week. Quinn never looked back as he boarded his bus to CA. He did choose to take his bag on the bus with him, vs stowing it....snacks!
Emily got a very special letter from her buddy in NJ. Tyler, we are taking lots of pictures with Flat Stanley!
Ralph is home with the littles, and me....
I am in SD with 2 gym girls and a little brother. They have kept me moving, gotten me on some crazy rides, and made sure that we had time to shop! You can take the gym girls away from the gym, but they had to do a little practicing at Sea World. We have had so much fun. Ashley, it has been so much fun!
I do miss the S's and the little R's. Just not the same without you here.
Q, can't wait to see you tomorrow! You too Emily and Shaelee!