Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shaelani's Special Night Front and Center

Tears were streaming down my face as Ms Shaelee sang her little Kindergarten heart out tonight at her very first musical performance. Claire and I tried to get pictures, but while she was front and center a really animated little boy kept taking her space. Grrrr. But he was as cute as could be, think Quinn 7 years ago! Shaelee was so proud of herself, and Claire made sure she looked beautiful, as I was sneaking in at the last minute (on a plane, what can I say?), I was awestruck by how pretty she was. Claire and I sat on the floor in front of the stage, and she waved and smiled at us, and I am pretty sure I heard her say "that's my Jei Jei."
She did a wonderful job...
And when we got home, she opened the most thoughtful and amazing gift from her best buddy in the whole world, Ms Tung Tung. Sienna, you picked out the perfect gift, and your buddy loves you so much! Thank you for making a really great day, extra special and perfect. Nadi loves her blanket, but she loves it most because it came from you Sienna. Hugs little friend!


DiJo said...

You look beautiful!!!!!!!!!! And, I can't wait for Tung Tung to see these photos in the morning... She will have the biggest smile!!! She was so excited about your gift!!! Sorry it was so late!!!!

I hope you sleep tight snuggled up with your gift from your BFF!!!

We love you!

Anonymous said...

Shealani, what a beaufiful gift you received from your friend, Tung Tung. The colors are very pretty. Can't wait to see you all curled up in it, snug and warm, and dreaming of Tung Tung.

Sorry to have missed your kindergarten program. Looks like you were giving it your best, and you looked very pretty.

We will see you soon.

Love, Ammy & PaPa