Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Finding Fantastic

It's been really busy around here. We spent a quiet weekend in the cool weather, and this week, it's finally cooling off at home. FINALLY! The kid's had a great time (and no, they weren't actually riding downhill without helmets, just humoring mom). Claire had a great gymnastics meet, congrats on that beam routine! And I love the accessories that Emily and Shaelee made....

I always think about what we were doing 2 years ago as we were getting ready to get on a plane to get Ms Shaelee from China. I never forget how blessed we are to be a family. Our journey has been fantastic and every day a new adventure.

Can't wait for vacation next week and even more fun! Quinn is heading to LA with his buddy Brady. Claire, her friend Ashley, Vincent and I are going to San Diego, and Ralph has a few quiet days with the little girls. Love you little, middle, and big C's!


Anonymous said...

Love the dimond computer girls!

Anonymous said...

I love these precious pictures. The kids are so cute and all are photogenic. Thanks for the updates on what is going on. I always keep them in my prayers and close to my heart.