Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween

They couldn't wait to try on their costumes. Thank you Misty for the hat, the broom, and the seriously cool candles! Emily wanted to be a witch, and Shaelee wanted to be her cat. I worked most of the day, just to be sure I could be home tomorrow night to trick or treat.
We can't wait to see Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf tomorrow! Love the sibling camaraderie.
I love Halloween, always have. I love that my kid's love it too.

And I did add a few more pictures of tonight.

So here are the new pictures, and I love how Claire took care of the littles. Once again, we were so happy to see Ms Lexi. Yesterday I said, Lexi is coming for Halloween! No drama, they were all working together to clean the house and get ready for a very special little princess. I wish they would do the same for me ):

But hey, we had a blast, and seeing Little Red Riding Hood with the Wolf? Loved it!
2 years ago, we sat on our doorstep knowing that we were leaving to see our special Shaelee. We met the S's in China....and tonight, we await their new daughter, Ivy, and we spent the holiday together as very special friends.

Love you S's and love you Lexi! (and from far away, we love you too Ivy)

Monday, October 24, 2011

It's a really wonderful and amazing life!

So Happy 19th anniversary Ralph. You are an amazing guy and I love to infinity and beyond! As we went out for our romantic dinner, with 5 children looking at us just a table away...we are both amazed at our lives. When we finally married (that's another story for another day (: ), we never could have dreamed that we would have 5 of the sweetest kids in all of the world. That we would have traveled all over Asia to meet them, love them and cherish them for always....Never would we have dreamed of how amazing life would be, if only you follow your heart, and listen, just a little, to God's plan.
We have 5 beautiful children:
Claire, the child whisperer who spent last Saturday dressing up little sister's for their Halloween carnival at school. (She took those beautiful pictures and has an A in her HS photography class).
Quinn, who spends every Saturday with very special kids, one of which has captured his heart and who is his forever soccer buddy. You are amazing Q!
Vincent, our miracle child that has the biggest heart ever.
Emily, our dimpled darling that keeps us laughing and has an answer for everything.
Shaelee, who rounded out the crazy C family with her infectious laugh and special hugs.
Who could have ever known when we walked down that aisle what God had planned. It's a really wonderful and amazing life!
Happy Anniversary Ralph, I love you. J

PS Thanks for stopping by Uncle Chris! And Gracie we love you too.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A very special play date

Yesterday Viny (AKA Binny) spent a few hours with Mary while Claire and I did a little Christmas shopping. He had the best time! He and his sisters asked if their little buddy could come over for a play date, all by herself. Mary said yes.... and the fun begins.

We had to go to the store, we had to get flowers (that Binny arranged), Quinn made cupcakes, and they were up at the crack of dawn getting ready. Not Mama, they were up and getting ready for their very special guest, Ms Lexi.

The girl's were out front in their chairs waiting....they couldn't wait!
They were beyond excited when she arrived!
She is most certainly a princess, but today, she was extra special royalty at the C's.

They had a tea party, they colored, they had the most fun with our little friend that we met in Hunan almost 2 years ago. She is such a precious big girl now, and she has the most adoring friend in Viny. He was so patient and so sweet with her. There wasn't a moment when one of the kids was there with her and making sure she was happy and content, but Viny, he was making sure her time with us was special. Rochelle and I were in awe of how attentive he was. He even read her a book!

Viny is a great big brother, but it made my day to see what a great friend he could be to Lexi. We loved our time with our little friend. We hope she comes again soon.
Saying prayers for Ibbie and for Jenny....these little girls need to come home soon to very special big sisters.

Thank you Mary for trusting us with your special angel.

Monday, October 10, 2011

San Diego

It's a very busy week. Quinn never looked back as he boarded his bus to CA. He did choose to take his bag on the bus with him, vs stowing it....snacks!
Emily got a very special letter from her buddy in NJ. Tyler, we are taking lots of pictures with Flat Stanley!
Ralph is home with the littles, and me....
I am in SD with 2 gym girls and a little brother. They have kept me moving, gotten me on some crazy rides, and made sure that we had time to shop! You can take the gym girls away from the gym, but they had to do a little practicing at Sea World. We have had so much fun. Ashley, it has been so much fun!
I do miss the S's and the little R's. Just not the same without you here.
Q, can't wait to see you tomorrow! You too Emily and Shaelee!