Monday, September 26, 2011

I have been trying to post 2 really cute videos of the littlest gymgirls, but can't seem to get it to post. Oh well, they were adorable at their meet on Friday night, and Emily came home with her very first 1st place medal. Shaelee came in 2nd, but didn't seem to mind because the goodie bag looked pretty cool.

Vincent is busy with Tae Kwon Do, and I do wish he would hold still for a picture for me. Quinn has soccer in the evenings this year instead of Saturdays, which gives us a little more free time on the weekends. Claire is still competing, and loving photography. It's her very favorite class, and she takes it just as seriously as gymnastics. She has been taking pictures for the VIP soccer team that supports some very special kiddos in our area.

The little girls always crack me up, but early one morning last week, I heard Emily saying to Shaelee, "you are taking all my friends away because you are littler and cuter." I rounded the corner and heard her sad little voice. Lots of drama and tears, and later Daddy tells me that at Q's soccer game a little girl that we had known from last year, had asked Shaelee to play, and Ms Emily must have felt very left out. Seriously sad.

That night I came home and asked if any of the littlest and cutest would like to go to the movies and all 4 of the youngest C's raised their hands. Claire got a little quiet time as did Dad. All I can say is that are all still my babies, and they are all just as cute as can be.

And the following Soccer game? Emily and Shaelee happily played together with their little soccer buddy. All better now.

PS Claire took the cute pictures of the girl's at the cabin. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Emily and Shaelani for winning first and second in gymnastics. We know Claire is enjoying her photography class and gymnastics. Keep up the good work sweet girls.

Looks like the boys are keeping busy too. You are all growing up so fast and we are missing so much of it. We miss you all and love you much.

I need a big group hug about now.

Love you and the pics,


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