Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Birthday and Boys Night Out!

I spent a lot of time with the girls over the last few weeks, and included a few more pictures of our fun times last week. I did promise the boys a special night out. We met Aunt Kim on Friday night, Quinn, Brady (our friend who fits right in) and Vincent. Saturday morning, we went to Out of Africa. We had so much fun! We went on a safari, and we fed the animals, and we just had an amazing time. It wasn't too hot, because we were so far north. If you ever get to AZ, I recommend this place...amazing place run by amazing people.

We had to stop by the cabin for Vincent's glasses and Quinn's soccer backpack. The boy's asked to spend the night. I don't usually talk about my birthday, but it was awesome. Two 12 year olds sang Happy Birthday to me, and helped me blow out the candle, and then we watched a campie movie. Doesn't get much better.

Tonight the C's had a lovely night planned for me. Mr Ralph did a great job with dinner, and I had to show off my watermelon cake. Vincent really believed me when I told him I was 29. Check out his foil numbers, gotta love that boy!

And my oldest friend in the world sent me this picture of her sister Beverly, herself and a much younger me. We were still in college. I am so lucky to have Priscilla. We both miss Beverly. I cried a river seeing that picture.

Thank you boys for a fun few days! Love you....


DiJo said...

I was just thinking you were an August birthday! I am so sorry I missed the date.. It sounds like you had the perfect day! You are such a wonderful Mama!!!! What a sweetie that Vincent is!!!!

Love the pic of S&R!

I hope you have a very special year Jill!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Happy 29th Jill. Somehow the math doesn't add up, but we will take Viny's word for it.

Love all the pictures. Oh, but that first one - what precious memories unfold.

Love You,
Your Mom