Monday, August 8, 2011

Blessed with 7 For a Few Special Days

We have been so excited to host Camp C. I landed in the North on Friday night after a week in NYC to a picture texted by Claire of Shaelee holding up a white board saying " 1 More Sleep". The C's (and the S's) have been counting down the days, just waiting to see their buddy's Ruby and Sienna. Thank you Ms Barb for your early morning pick up and getting us safely to the airport. We were greeted by Viny, Emily and Shaelee, just beyond excited to see their friends. We arrived home to butterflies on the wall, and hand made signs for the girls. The white board was in the room with flowers, all prepared by Ms Claire. 0 more sleeps, they were finally here.

So far, we have had a birthday party, swim meets (thank you Mary), and Ruby and Sienna are even going to gymnastics class with Shaelee. They are incredibly sweet (all of the kids), and we all feel so honored and blessed to have them here with us for a few days. Everyone plays nice, everyone gets along, and it's been a very exciting week. Ralph and our family cannot even express how amazing it was to watch Ruby and Sienna sitting at our computer anxiously awaiting the call and the first glimpse of their new little sister. They took it all in, and they clearly are already bonded to Ms Emme.

Tomorrow they leave for Camp S for a few days. I know it's going to be way too quiet around here. They are all finally asleep, but their girlie giggles were so happily loud as they all played with stickers in the top bunk. There is a sign on the door: Girls only....(Quinn and Yinny are still allowed). The sweet sound of 4 girls happily playing.

On August 6, 2009 we were assigned our precious Shaelee. We could never have understood at that moment how our lives would have changed. Friends we would meet, and best friends united. It isn't a feeling easy to articulate. But we know we are blessed that 2 years later, we get to spend time with 2 precious girls that we love so much....

So tonight, Ruby asked me to post pictures of her artwork that she and Emily had drawn for her Mommy and Daddy to see. Sienna told me quietly on the side to send her little drawing too.

So here we are, the C's and the S's....Blessed beyond belief to be part of this magical time. And from far away, we all want you to know, we love you Emme Jade.


Bridget said...

Sweet Jill I know you are enjoying your two special house guests! You are all lucky to have one another! Would have loved to see Ruby and Sienna's faces the first time they got a glimpse of their new sister. It lloks and sounds like they are having a perfect time at camp in AZ. Who wouldn't with that sweet fun family of yours! Enjoy your time with the girls. Thanks for sharing!
~ B

DiJo said...

Oh my goodness. You and Mary are killing me.. This exhausted Mama is a big puddle over your great big hearts. I love this post. And, I love hearing about how beautifully you can go from 5 to 7. Jill, your family has blessed us greatly. Look at your attention to detail to make it all so special. I love the tower and the artwork! Please tell Ruby and Sienna thank you!!! And, you tell that special Claire she is amazing!! What a role model she is for all of our girls! Cassidy too! I expect I will have professional Jie Jie's when I get home!

I absolutely can't wait to meet you and Mary at the airport with S&R!!! And, of course Emme Jade!! Who finally decided her Mama is OK at dinnertime!!!

Diana said...

Hello from Texas,
Thank you for your post Jill. It was so nice to get a wonderful update on our precious graddaughters. We are so glad they have fit so well into your family. You and your family are indeed a blessing to all of us. Thank you for your generousity.
Bev & Al Edwards

TanyaLea said...

What a blessing both you and Mary are to host precious Ruby and Sienna while their mama and baba, and their beautiful Jie Jie travel half way around the world to bring home their sweet Emme Jade. I'm sure this is a priceless experience for ALL of you!

I loved this post and it completely choked me up, as I read your words about that special day in 2009. I remember it well and following Di's journey that led them to Sienna, and the beautiful way that God brought your families together through your daughters... who knew the red thread would connect in such a special way! God is good!! It's just beautiful seeing your girls together and I know their is such peace of mind for Di and Jeff having their most precious cargo in your care until they return. What a wonderful role you all get to play in their journey to EJ, and what fun and priceless memories being created for R&S!!

Blessings from Minnesota,
~ Tanya

3 Peanuts said...


First of are such a blessing to help Di with the girls!!! They look like they are having a BLAST!!!!I
It is so good that you and Mary could help. I wish we could have but we are on our annual family vacation with my sister!!!

Secondly it is incredible the way God has weaved this story. Our family was vacationing with Di ad Jeff on August 6, 2009. I remember us all waiting when the SN list came our and we were waiting to see if she was on the list. I remember going to dinner with them that night and wondering what was happening. Who knew that God had laid the perfect plans for both of your families??? Who knew what this beautiful connection would be. Could you imagine if Di had not tried to find you? You both (not to mention the girls) would have missed out on such a beautiful friendship. I am so glad y'all have each other!!!

I have that beautiful photo of Shaelee and Sienna you sent me on my bathroom counter and I look at it and pray for tham all the time.