Monday, August 29, 2011

It is SO HOT Here!

I am so behind on pictures Mom, but I will try to catch up as soon as I can!

It is so hot here. 115 this weekend! I called a favorite resort and booked a room where we could turn the air conditioning down to 70, watch cable and swim in a pool that was actually cold! We spent Saturday night and all day Sunday in the pool. The kids played a little volleyball with Daddy and some other fun hotel guests. We all slept like babies in our very cold hotel room. It is still hot, but I count our blessings; there were no earthquakes and no hurricanes here. So happy our CN and MD friends are OK (hope our NJ friends are in good shape too). We definitely made the most out of a very sticky and hot weekend. The kids loved their family time....and so did their very proud Mom and Dad!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Birthday and Boys Night Out!

I spent a lot of time with the girls over the last few weeks, and included a few more pictures of our fun times last week. I did promise the boys a special night out. We met Aunt Kim on Friday night, Quinn, Brady (our friend who fits right in) and Vincent. Saturday morning, we went to Out of Africa. We had so much fun! We went on a safari, and we fed the animals, and we just had an amazing time. It wasn't too hot, because we were so far north. If you ever get to AZ, I recommend this place...amazing place run by amazing people.

We had to stop by the cabin for Vincent's glasses and Quinn's soccer backpack. The boy's asked to spend the night. I don't usually talk about my birthday, but it was awesome. Two 12 year olds sang Happy Birthday to me, and helped me blow out the candle, and then we watched a campie movie. Doesn't get much better.

Tonight the C's had a lovely night planned for me. Mr Ralph did a great job with dinner, and I had to show off my watermelon cake. Vincent really believed me when I told him I was 29. Check out his foil numbers, gotta love that boy!

And my oldest friend in the world sent me this picture of her sister Beverly, herself and a much younger me. We were still in college. I am so lucky to have Priscilla. We both miss Beverly. I cried a river seeing that picture.

Thank you boys for a fun few days! Love you....

Monday, August 15, 2011

Beach Time

We had such a great time in San Diego. It went by so fast. How did all of this fun go by so quickly? Mary and I had the best time ever with all of the kiddos. The big girls were awesome. I just have to say that Mary and I knew that we were going to Mission Beach, but we were using GPS to get there. GPS found Mission Beach, but the funny thing was, we couldn't find a parking spot. We would have paid plenty just to park, but there were no spaces. We drove across the street and we couldn't believe it, this perfect little cove, shallow and calm, and almost void of people. No crowds, and a wonderful place to let the little girls have some fun in the sun.

The day went by so quickly. We had a little picnic, did a little searching for shells, made some sand castles, and Ruby dug the biggest hole ever. We heard some kid next to us say that he was digging a hole to China. One of the R girls said that their Mama and Daddy were there....aaahhh, but they'll be home soon.

There was a family that was "digging" for shrimp. Not sure what that air thing he was using was, but they found shrimp. Shaelee and Sienna were fascinated, we had to chase them down the beach because they wanted to follow along. They cracked us up.

Mary thinks of everything. I am humbled by what a great Mom she is. She is so patient and sweet. Kids just love Mary, including my 5....there she was with a kite, helping each child fly it. Ruby did a great job of getting that kite airborne. She was so proud of herself, and of course every child had to try it.

It was a perfect day. So perfect that we lost track of time, and didn't start home till after 4pm. It was a little late when we got home, but we got home safely and sporting seashells and great memories. I also am sporting a nice lobster red burn. Thankfully everyone else used the sunscreen.

One more day in AZ. Soon Mary and I will be flying Ruby and Sienna home to meet their new baby sister and give big hugs to their Mama, Daddy and Ainsley. We have loved hanging with them, they are as fun as fun can be. Thank you Jeff and Di for allowing your AZ friends to spend time with your precious girls. It's been a blast.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

California Cool Sea World

I am not sure who had the most fun at Sea World yesterday! I know that I had a ton of fun! Nothing like seeing something through the eyes of children. Once again, all the kids were just wonderful. Ruby and Lexi have such a sweet little bond. I love watching them and knowing that very soon Ruby will have her own little sister to love on. Last night Sienna and I were looking at her Momma's blog and she wanted me to tell Emme Jade that "I love you." What sweet big sisters these little ones are going to be.

Claire Cassidy and Riley were huge helps to Ms Mary and I. We were able to have fun, but had plenty of help to keep everyone safe and close by. Ms Claire got to carry Lexi this weekend! Very exciting.

Ms Sienna and Ms Shaelee had a great time together. They still look after each other, but they are very sweet to the younger children. They were all very sleepy kiddos last night when we returned to the hotel. Everyone slept well. We all slept in this morning, and that's ok, we have a big day planned at the beach today. It is sunny and beautiful outside.

I did want to add that the highlight of the day was meeting the Sesame Street Characters. Lexi loves the characters, Ruby, not so much. That's why Ruby opted out of the group character pictures. Lexi got her own big hugs, but I love the top photo of Emily getting lots of luvin' from Elmo and Cookie Monster!

Once again, how blessed are we to spend time with 2 special little ones who are as sweet as can be, AND get to spend time with Camp S. Love you guys! J