Saturday, July 30, 2011

Claire's Reunion Seattle

I can't believe that they are 16. It amazes me how close they are. It's hard to get them all together for a photo, but we got one at the aquarium in Seattle. They are the most beautiful young ladies ever. We love their families, and we are so blessed to be part of each other's lives. Not a one of these girls question being adopted. They know they are loved and cherished, and they know that they will always have each other. It's a gift that I am always humbled by.

I hope that Shaelee and Emily have these same amazing connections in their lives as well. I am grateful that Quinn and Viny can share in the fun.

This year, I took Claire Quinn and Shaelee to Seattle myself. It was a big mistake. Mr R would have loved the history of Seattle. We aren't going to do this again. Next year we all go together. We just need to save a little more and spend a little less....
Tomorrow we go back to AZ. Mom is on a plane to NYC on Monday...

We are awaiting the most special of special guests. The bunk beds are ready and the kid's are beyond excited. We have a few July birthdays to celebrate and a new addition to our extended China family. Counting down the days on our own white board!
I love that families who would might never have crossed paths, consider each other friends and even family, because of the miracle of adoption.


Anonymous said...

Claire, we know that seeing your friends again brought you a lot of joy. Seattle is such a wonderful place for beautiful l6 year-olds to have a reunion.

Looks like everybody had fun.

Love you much,

DiJo said...

Amen Friend!!!!

What a blessing for Claire and her China SIsters!!!!
Four more days for me, and Six more for you!!!!