Sunday, June 26, 2011

Busy Week

It's been a busy week. Here are a few pictures of all of the fun!
We spent Father's Day at the beach, well at least the closest thing here in AZ! We had a really fun time with our friends the Sammons. Mid week, I took the middles and Claire to a concert. Viny was beside himself with the music. He stood mesmerized for 2 hours. This weekend we headed to the cabin to beat the 110 plus temps. The youngest C's decided to have a dance recital. They made an invitation, they practiced their dances and Viny was the DJ. They even made sure we had seats for the performance. They were too cute! And finally, we said goodbye to Quinn. He is spending the week at Soccer camp. I told him I needed a phone call or text every night. Tonight his text read, "I love you. I'm alive." I miss him already.


DiJo said...

I love Quinn's text!!!! Too funny!! It looks like you had a fun week!!! Sienna will be excited to see that dress on Nadi and Emily. We have it too!!!!

I will be in touch soon!


Anonymous said...

So sorry we missed the dance recital. Congratulations to the producer (Viny).

Looks to us that Quinn didn't really want to go to camp. ?????? So sad to leave you all.

Happy you had a good break from the heat.

Ammy & PaPa