Thursday, May 26, 2011

Soccer party

Last weekend, I just wanted to be a really cool mom. What was I thinking? Work was crazy, and it was the last thing I needed. But we hosted Quinn's year end soccer party at our house. Thank you Rochelle, you make things look so easy! Ralph was flipping burgers, and Claire would have nothing but the best. Up late the night before, wrapping silverware in napkins. We got the biggest slide ever. Our little friend next door, thought she had been left out. Jenna we love you!
Mr Q made the flex team, so we have lots of weekends of soccer ahead of us, with families that we have known for many years.
Special shout out to Sienna and Ruby for their awesome gymnastics meet.
Quinn, love you!
PS Claire has been the team photographer, and Quinn's coach asked if she would be the photographer for her very special team of special needs kids. She coaches 2 very cool soccer teams. Claire is amazing, and the pictures on the blog are hers. You have a gift sweet girl, and people are noticing.

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