Thursday, May 5, 2011

From China with Love

We have been waiting anxiously for word back from China for Ms Shaelee.

On Sunday evening we received an email with a few pictures of her Orphanage and people she knew in the orphanage along with answers to the questions that we had sent to China in the hopes of locating Shaelee's beloved NiNi and Baba. Yes, they were found, and they willingly answered our questions, and posed for pictures of themselves, their new foster child and their home. They shared that Zhi Lan was cute and smart and active...(some things haven't changed). She was the only child in their care at the time. She loved sweet food, and she wasn't a picky eater. She did in fact go to kindergarten, and that she and her buddy Xia Chang were good playmates and friends. They also told us that she wasn't able to say goodbye to her buddy on her last day with them, because the orphanage thought that the girls would be too sad.

They also said, "We often think of Zhi Lan and wish her a happy and healthy life."
They also wanted her to know that "we love her very much. Hope you could bring her back to China someday in the future for some sightseeing and meeting with us."
We had found them, they were getting our pictures, and we had a way to contact them in the future.

The next morning, I woke up to a text from Xia's Mom, letting me know that my email was popping back. That meant that my email was full. I bolted out of bed, my email was full! Pictures!!!

And yes, that morning pictures came in. Pictures of her orphanage, pictures of her beloved Foster parents, pictures of where she lived, a picture of the bedroom where she slept (with a little bed right beside the foster family's), and even a few pictures of her buddy's home and Foster Mom. If I hadn't received that text, I would have been on plane, and might not have seen all those priceless pictures for another 3 days! So thankful for such a beautiful start to the week.

We received pictures of all of her files, and 2 little tiny pictures of our peanut. I know, they are small, but somewhere there is technology to blow them up. Thankfully there was technology to connect with a wonderful person in China, who was able to find these special people, and to send pictures and good wishes back to our little Shaelee. I was hoping for closure, I honestly think we may be at the beginning of another beautiful story from China.
Finally, answers to our little girl's questions, and a way to stay in touch with her past. Thankful.


Unknown said...

Incredible!!!! I am so happy for Shaelee! What a gift!

DiJo said...

I am so thankful that you have answers and photos for sweet Shaelee! She was the CUTEST baby!!!!! Shaelee is so blessed to have parents that care so much about her.. I am so happy that she has these photos now!! I pray they give her the peace and closure she needs! That final day breaks my heart!!!!! I look forward to the day we are all back in Hengshan!!!