Monday, May 30, 2011

Sweet 16

Happy 16th Birthday Claire!
I hope it was a memorable day for you. We love you very much.
We had Ammie and Papa here this week and they were so excited to be here to celebrate your special day.
I can't believe that you are 16! It has flown by, and it seems like yesterday that we brought you home and finally had a little girl to love. You have blossomed through the years into the beautiful young lady that I see today. I was thinking about it this morning as I wrapped a few last minute gifts, and a few tears went quietly down my cheek. You are growing up so fast and soon you'll be going off to college....were did all the time go?
Dad and I are so thankful that you are our daughter, you are such a ray of light in this world. Wishing you a happy and very special sweet 16 birthday.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Soccer party

Last weekend, I just wanted to be a really cool mom. What was I thinking? Work was crazy, and it was the last thing I needed. But we hosted Quinn's year end soccer party at our house. Thank you Rochelle, you make things look so easy! Ralph was flipping burgers, and Claire would have nothing but the best. Up late the night before, wrapping silverware in napkins. We got the biggest slide ever. Our little friend next door, thought she had been left out. Jenna we love you!
Mr Q made the flex team, so we have lots of weekends of soccer ahead of us, with families that we have known for many years.
Special shout out to Sienna and Ruby for their awesome gymnastics meet.
Quinn, love you!
PS Claire has been the team photographer, and Quinn's coach asked if she would be the photographer for her very special team of special needs kids. She coaches 2 very cool soccer teams. Claire is amazing, and the pictures on the blog are hers. You have a gift sweet girl, and people are noticing.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Claire's Layout! Gym Girl

Claire, you are so talented. Claire has had many choices to make, and she finally made her decision. She is going to the next level, staying with gymnastics and keeping her Coaching job with the little ones at the gym. Yes, she does coach her littlest sister. We are very proud that she makes good choices, and sticks to her love of gymnastics. Her coach says that she is making amazing progress.... You are the coolest gym girl. Love you Claire!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lucky Mama, and Shaelee takes 1st!

It's been a busy weekend. On Friday, Shaelee competed in her first gymnastics meet. Only 2 little ones competed, but she did win first place! She is a total natural, serious as can be, and when it was over, with a big grin, she told me, "I was first Mama." She proudly hung up her very first medal beside her bed. I think she looked like a future Olympian up there! (Very proud of Ms Emily too, who took second all around!)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! I asked Ralph for one thing, a picture of the kids that he had taken. He didn't disappoint nor did they. Love that top picture of all of the little C's. I got more hugs and kisses than I can count, the best gift of all.

I am always reminded, that I am a Mother today, because 5 other Mother's couldn't be. I remember my children's birth Mothers today, who selflessly did the best that they could do, to love and protect their babies. I am thankful that we have been entrusted with these special children. We love them very very much. And we are forever grateful to be their parents, and today, I just celebrated being a Mom.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

From China with Love

We have been waiting anxiously for word back from China for Ms Shaelee.

On Sunday evening we received an email with a few pictures of her Orphanage and people she knew in the orphanage along with answers to the questions that we had sent to China in the hopes of locating Shaelee's beloved NiNi and Baba. Yes, they were found, and they willingly answered our questions, and posed for pictures of themselves, their new foster child and their home. They shared that Zhi Lan was cute and smart and active...(some things haven't changed). She was the only child in their care at the time. She loved sweet food, and she wasn't a picky eater. She did in fact go to kindergarten, and that she and her buddy Xia Chang were good playmates and friends. They also told us that she wasn't able to say goodbye to her buddy on her last day with them, because the orphanage thought that the girls would be too sad.

They also said, "We often think of Zhi Lan and wish her a happy and healthy life."
They also wanted her to know that "we love her very much. Hope you could bring her back to China someday in the future for some sightseeing and meeting with us."
We had found them, they were getting our pictures, and we had a way to contact them in the future.

The next morning, I woke up to a text from Xia's Mom, letting me know that my email was popping back. That meant that my email was full. I bolted out of bed, my email was full! Pictures!!!

And yes, that morning pictures came in. Pictures of her orphanage, pictures of her beloved Foster parents, pictures of where she lived, a picture of the bedroom where she slept (with a little bed right beside the foster family's), and even a few pictures of her buddy's home and Foster Mom. If I hadn't received that text, I would have been on plane, and might not have seen all those priceless pictures for another 3 days! So thankful for such a beautiful start to the week.

We received pictures of all of her files, and 2 little tiny pictures of our peanut. I know, they are small, but somewhere there is technology to blow them up. Thankfully there was technology to connect with a wonderful person in China, who was able to find these special people, and to send pictures and good wishes back to our little Shaelee. I was hoping for closure, I honestly think we may be at the beginning of another beautiful story from China.
Finally, answers to our little girl's questions, and a way to stay in touch with her past. Thankful.