Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Best Friends Forever

I had a few hours to think about the last few days as I drove to Tucson this evening. I still shake my head in wonder that these girls were best friends in China and are still best friends in America today. They have something so special and a bond that I hope they will always share. They knew each other long before I saw their pictures, and their love for each other is something that I never stop appreciating. Shaelani and Sienna always know where they left off, and when they see each other after some time apart, they just pick right up as if the time between had never happened. The are indeed very special little girls.

Our last 2 days were a whirlwind of activities, but mostly centered around the pool and snacks. With these 2 sweeties, I watched "Tangled" for the first time. They kept telling each other that they were twin Repunzels. They also told me I was the nice Mama, and they couldn't wait to show me the nice Mama when she finally arrived on screen. Just watching them sitting side by side, close as could be, watching a movie, laughing and commenting was sweet as could be.

The girl's loved the pool. We went back twice the first day. The first time with Lexi, and then right before dinner with Viny and Emily. Viny spent most of his time entertaining Sienna! Ms Lexi, taught the girls all about Ladybugs, caught more than I could count. She found them, picked them up and shared those bugs with both of the girls. I think the big girls have a quiet respect for their brave little buddy.

So it was a great 2 days, but one that Shaelani was none too happy to see end. I told both of the girls that both of their Mommas would make sure they stayed in close touch and not to worry. That was enough to satisfy Shaelani, at least for now. They chatted and laughed all of the way to the airport. I love these 2 little girls, as do their families, and will forever be grateful to be able to watch them grow up and stay connected. To have met such amazing families like Sienna's and Lexi' words can adequately say how it all feels.

So Shaelani is sleeping by now, and Sienna is safely home, and to quote the lyrics of the the theme song from their new favorite movie, " I'm where I'm meant to be." I do believe that Shaelani and Sienna are truly where they are supposed to be, with families who love them so much, half a world away from where their friendship began. Sleep good sweet girls, and Sienna, thank you so much for coming.


DiJo said...

Such a beautiful post!!! Thank you for loving my girl so much, and for always making the effort to keep this precious friendship alive... God watched over our daughters until they could be forever ours. But, in the meantime he orchestrated a remarkable story so that they would never be apart. It has been a miracle to witness and a blessing to be a part of!

Sienna had such a wonderful time... She misses you all already!


Anonymous said...

Precious pictures of these sweet little girls who love each other so much.