Thursday, April 28, 2011

12 Pictures

12 Pictures.
How do you pick?
I have sent many pictures back to China hoping that Shaelani's Foster parents would know just how much we love this sweet and precious girl. She has remained steadfast, that she wants a new picture of her Ni Ni and Ba Ba. She wants to know that they are OK, and mostly, I think she wants them to know that she too, is just fine. There has been no closure for her, no way to know if they ever got the pictures and notes that we have sent their way.

A few weeks ago, Mom found a PI, yes a private investigator in China. He is in Hunan now, searching out her precious foster family. Imagine our surprise a few days ago, to find out that she had another foster family for 3 years who loved her before the family she has begged us to find. We knew that there was another family, but had no idea that they had her for the first 3 years of her life. I cannot imagine.

Shaelee is an amazing child. She has been a healer for Mr Vincent, and a precious little sister to her 4 big siblings. We love her more than anything, and are beyond blessed that she is our child.

We sent 12 pictures, so hard to pick out. We wanted her foster family to know that she is loved, cherished and so very appreciated. She is a budding gymnast, a best friend here to her best buddy from China, and a Disney fan. She is the best Mei Mei known to man to the bigger C's. She is precious and she is special!

There were 2 other families before us, that helped to mold the amazing child that our Shaelee has become. We are forever grateful, beyond blessed and grateful to God for this special little sweetie from China.

I hope that her foster families can see from our pictures that she is a loved and cherished child. I know that we appreciate all that they did to make her the special girl that lives with us today. (and yes PI B is going to try to find both Foster Families).

I am not sure what our PI friend will send us. I just hope it makes Ms Shaelee smile, and that it brings her peace to know that her Ni Ni and Ba Ba are still safe in China...and that she knows, even from far away, that they still love her.
I know, that as much as she loves us, she also still loves them.

12 pictures from far far away sent back to a little town in China. 2 families in China who loved her before she came home. One grateful family, here in America, that so appreciates the kindness and love that they bestowed upon our beautiful little daughter.

God Speed, PI B....

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