Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Talented Oldest C's

Our weekend was all about Soccer. We are novices at this, hence our trip to several Stores to get a huge canopy, lots of foldable chairs, and a cooler full of food! Without Quinn's soccer tournament, we might have been home cleaning, watching TV, doing projects, all in separate places and not focused on each other. As it was, we were so intense and excited to be watching Quinn's soccer games. We had so much fun just enjoying each other and just having fun as a family. Not to say that there weren't Ipods, gameboys and books to keep us busy for 8 hours, but we were still altogether. The weather was beautiful, the skies blue and the company sweet as can be. Ms Shaelee was giving hugs out to everyone, and talking to another Mom in Chinese. We had no idea what they were talking about, but Mom was so impressed that she handed candy over to this special Mom....

Tomorrow, Quinn gets his cast off! He has been the best cheerleader for his team, but it kills him that he can't play. He told me that when he gets stressed out watching his team that he gets hungry! It was a nail biting and fun 2 days. The team came in proud of the team! This proud Mom cannot wait for that cast to be off and for Quinn to get himself back in the game. And can I say, that smile says it all...just sheer joy!

Thank you Ms Claire, for those great are an amazing talent as well!

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Anonymous said...

Love the pics Miss Claire. You and your siblings make great pictures together.

Quinn, as usual, your winsome smile makes me happy - although you didn't look too happy in one pic.

Much love to the