Saturday, March 26, 2011


Yesterday Vincent put the recycles out, and then came inside and told me that there were a bunch of pink birds in the front yard. I wasn't sure what he had seen, but I was pretty sure he was exaggerating. Maybe not! The little girls thought it was cooler than cool. I asked Claire to take some pictures and then headed to work. Later, Rochelle called to say that she had called to have the flamingos removed, but requested that we keep them one extra day, because Shaelani thought they looked really pretty. So,they were still there today when we took Shaelani for her Kindergarten testing, all decked out with her school tee shirt and her Jei Mei.

What a great and really fun way to raise money for a mission trip! Thanks to the S's. We thought it was a blast!


Unknown said...

I knew the kids would get a kick out of it! Call me if you want to do brunch or lunch tomorrow after church. M

DiJo said...

OH too funny!!! The last time I saw those is when we had them placed in a friends yard for her 40th! What a great idea for missions support!!!! Somehow, I knew Mary was involved!!!!!!! Oh how I wish we were going to be enjoying 80's and sunny with you this week!!! SORRY our plans changed! Skype at 5:30 should work!


DiJo said...

PS: Tell Nadi we LOVE the bows!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute pictures. I would love to have seen Viny's expression when he first saw the "pink birds." When we went to Zion, we knew anyone could expect those pink birds when the youth went fundraising.

The little girls are awfully cute standing there with them.

Love, Ammy