Thursday, February 10, 2011

Super Heroes in NYC

Mom can't wait to get on that plane tomorrow to get home to all of the C's.
It's been a very chilly week in NYC.
The girls traveled by train last Sunday to the city with Mom and we hung out for a few days in China Town, Times Square and Battery Park.
I love looking at the world through a child's eye...
I tried to give a little history lesson to Emily. We saw the Statue of Liberty from afar, and I told her that many years ago, that people had to come through Ellis Island to finally get to America. And she smiled up at me with those gorgeous dimples and said, "it sure is easier to take a plane from Korea." So much for the history lesson, she was absolutely right!

Then she wanted to see the Korean War Memorial. Karen and I looked everywhere for that Memorial. Finally, I picked the most likely place and let her know that we had found it.....Look at that proud girl. Next summer, when it is a little warmer, we can go back and see if that really was the right place.

And yes, that really is 2 super heroes in Times Square! (thank you Ms Maggie)
No one noticed, no one commented, and no one batted an eye as they ran down the sidewalk with their arms outstretched...
For just one day, thanks to Shaelee and Emily, the streets of New York were just a little bit safer and a whole lot cuter!
See you tomorrow little C's.....
Thanks Ms Karen for getting these precious peanuts home safe and sound.

PS And Mom finally figured out how to update the playlist without Mr Ralph! (Assuming she doesn't delete it.)


DiJo said...

Love the SuperHeroes with Bows in their hair!!!!!! What a fun weekend both in CT and NYC!!!!

Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures - looks like a wonderful time in NY.

Thanks for the beautiful song I heard from this blog last night. I just listened again. Hugs, Love, and Happy Valentines Day.

Ammy & PaPa