Monday, February 28, 2011

Meet Sam

Meet Sam!
The newest cousin to the C's. His Mom was born when I was 14 and she was the little sister I had always secretly wished for. Her Dad was a very special guy, and Mr Quinn's middle name is Samuel as well. Ms E's Dad would have been so proud. I love this little boy already and cannot wait to get on a plane to meet him. So happy for you Ms E and L....Sam is absolutely beautiful.

And saying lots of prayers for Mom C...hope you are better soon!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Today was win and one hard fought loss.... cannot wait for tomorrow!
9 more days till William Quinn"s cast is gone!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

UCLA and Disneyland

We Love LA!

Mom arrived home from Houston late Friday night. I had a nasty cold, but was downing vitamin C like crazy, because I was the designated Mom for Claire's gymnastics meet at UCLA, and it was Shaelee's first trip to Disneyland. There was no way I was missing it!

Claire did an amazing job at her meet. She rocked her Coaches with her beam routine. I had a few tears running down my face. She did it beautifully, and she didn't fall. The most solid routine yet, and I was privileged to be there to watch! The Meet's theme was Heart of a Champion. That is our Claire. She never gives up, she always has a smile on her face, and she has the sweetest heart ever! I love my gym girl.

We all had a great time at Disneyland. Shaelee knew it would be fun, but she had no idea how much fun she would really have. Her eyes were as wide as could be, head turning in wonder at this place she had never even stopped to imagine. She figured it all out after the first ride, fittingly, "It's a Small World."

She met Mickey and Minnie, Tinkerbell and Sleeping Beauty. She was amazed at how "nice" the princess was to her! She was a trooper through the rain. She has been talking about her buddy Tung Tung, and wants her to go with her to see her new favorite place. She told me to let her friend know, "that she would really like it here." She never forgets her friend from Hunan, and she is always top of mind when Ms Shaelee is having a good time. She also knows that Ms T is due for a visit soon.

Last night Shaelee told me, with a big yawn and a big hug after a long day, "your the bestest Mommy in the whole world." My heart almost burst. Yes, it was a great weekend, and I got to spend it with 2 special girls with hearts of gold. Finally home with all 5, I sure missed the middles....
That first picture is at Claire's meet, love the expression as she listens to the National anthem.
Congratulations Claire!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Super Heroes in NYC

Mom can't wait to get on that plane tomorrow to get home to all of the C's.
It's been a very chilly week in NYC.
The girls traveled by train last Sunday to the city with Mom and we hung out for a few days in China Town, Times Square and Battery Park.
I love looking at the world through a child's eye...
I tried to give a little history lesson to Emily. We saw the Statue of Liberty from afar, and I told her that many years ago, that people had to come through Ellis Island to finally get to America. And she smiled up at me with those gorgeous dimples and said, "it sure is easier to take a plane from Korea." So much for the history lesson, she was absolutely right!

Then she wanted to see the Korean War Memorial. Karen and I looked everywhere for that Memorial. Finally, I picked the most likely place and let her know that we had found it.....Look at that proud girl. Next summer, when it is a little warmer, we can go back and see if that really was the right place.

And yes, that really is 2 super heroes in Times Square! (thank you Ms Maggie)
No one noticed, no one commented, and no one batted an eye as they ran down the sidewalk with their arms outstretched...
For just one day, thanks to Shaelee and Emily, the streets of New York were just a little bit safer and a whole lot cuter!
See you tomorrow little C's.....
Thanks Ms Karen for getting these precious peanuts home safe and sound.

PS And Mom finally figured out how to update the playlist without Mr Ralph! (Assuming she doesn't delete it.)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy New Year! Welcome the Year of the Rabbit
We had the best time in Connecticut this weekend. We are so grateful for our friends Steve and Maggie for once again hosting a wonderful Chinese reunion for our girls. Nancy and Shaelee reconnected like it was yesterday. They were the coolest Lion Dancers ever!
Ms Emily met a buddy from Korea, and she and Tyler had such a great time! Loved the puppet show that Tyler wrote and directed. They were so sad to say goodbye, but summer will be here very soon.
And Kaylee, you have grown up and are so beautiful! It was so wonderful to see you again.
3 families, 5 children and 2 countries coming together for a wonderful weekend.
Jaida and Leanne, hope you are feeling better, we missed you both!
We had such a great time....