Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Year of the Rabbit

I received this from a very dear friend, she has adopted our family and every year sends us a Chinese New Year's update. Thanks T!

Hi everyone -
Chinese New Year will take place on February 3rd this year and as my family and I are getting geared up for this celebration, I wanted to share with you some practices that we do
every year to get ready for it:

* Start the new year on the right foot - Having a clean house is a must , throw away any unnecessary clutter. Pay all the bills so that you are on track; and Plan out fun activities for the first 10 days of the New Year.
* Ensuring that you will not "need" anything in the new year (especially the first 10 days) - this includes a full tank of gas, a full pantry and refrigerator, and a stock pile of necessities (like toothpaste, paper towels, etc)
* Buy a new canister of salt, any kind will suffice - Salt is considered the essential spice of life so bringing a new and full container will keep your year fulfilled.
* Things to avoid for the first 10 days as these may follow you for the rest of the year - Stress, bitter or excessive spicy foods, procrastination, confrontations or negative thoughts.
* Best Direction - it is believed that you and your loved ones will be blessed in the new year if you start off the year in the right direction. The direction changes as the year dictates and for the year of the Rabbit: True North and the best times to pursue this direction are Midnight - 2 am and 5 am - 6 am of February 3rd.

General Prediction for The Year of the Rabbit
Sandwiched between two of the most turbulent and unpredictable Animal signs. the Rabbit brings a year similar to the eye of the storm. This is the time of recuperation, a year in which to sooth the nerves and catch your breath. This is not the year in which to force issues, as all efforts will fall upon stony ground and melt in the heat of the sun. But it is time for negotiation, for diplomatic relations, and reaching settlements and mutual agreements. The year focuses on women and their interests: children and the family, food and welfare, home and domestic security become salient issues. Medical advances will be made and the arts will be prominent feature on the agenda.
Among the events, discoveries and inventions brought in Rabbit years are: the first talking movie, theory of relativity, nylon stockings, and the first woman to climb Mount Everest.
Happy New Years to You and Yours,

Quinn was born in the Year of the Rabbit.
People born in this year are articulate, talented and ambitious. They are virtuous, reserved and have excellent taste. Rabbit people are admired, trusted and are often financially lucky. They are fond of gossip but are tactful and generally kind. Rabbit people seldom loose their temper. They are clever at business and being conscientious, never back out of a contract. They would make good gamblers for they have the uncanny gift of choosing the right thing. However, they seldom gamble as they are conservative and wise. They are most compatible with those born in the years of the Sheep, Pig and Dog.
(I found this piece on the internet)


Unknown said...

Wow Jill, I love this post! What an incredible blessing "T" is. Sounds like you and I need to get to Costco before the 3rd! And we better get our salt replaced quick too :)
I was at Dillards today and they have a great selection of nice big bones. Also a great selection of Hello Kitty clothes and accessories. (I know how Miss S loves her H>K stuff!)

Anonymous said...

Claire, you and your Mom have created a beautiful blog. I love these pictures and will always enjoy reading about what is going on with my family when we get back home.

Thanks for the wonderful work Claire.

Love you,