Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weekend Buzz

This weekend was our quick trip to Utah for Claire's meet. She placed 2nd. An 8 hour car ride with 5 children each way, surprisingly not too bad! Claire kept her eyes closed and music on to drown out the lively little C's commentary. (She will be none too happy that I posted that picture, but I couldn't resist) We had a really nice family weekend. Dad insisted that we stop by Hoover Dam, and do the tour. The kid's loved it, and loved being outside for a few hours. The weather was beautiful, and the company of our children was both enlightening and charming.
Our favorite comment of the day came from Vincent, who told his smallest sister, "if you do things over and over, and keep trying. That's how you learn." How many times has he heard his parents say that? He really was listening.

I should add that the sad picture of Emily is because Mom wouldn't let her poke her head through the railing. Mom is very afraid of heights, and the further from the rail the kids stood, the happier I was. Sorry Emily, just keeping you safe pretty girl.


Anonymous said...

Claire, you are so innovative in your technique for having peace and quiet.

Love these pictures and so happy you all had a good time on your trip.

Love you,

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh Claire!!!! That is the best picture ever!! I need a copy. Jill, I'm thinking ~year book~ :)

Anonymous said...

Jill I am so proud of you for going om the trip with the family knowing how you hate to drive. It is good for the kids and all of you to get together and do things away from TV. I hope you plan another trip soon. It is educational for the kids to see this great country. Keep it up and encourage the kids.. Love Dad Crago