Monday, January 3, 2011

Please say a prayer for Katie Cramer

Please pray for the family of Katie Cramer. Katie is from Guangxi province in China. (like our daughter Claire) She is 16 years old and has leukemia. Claire was tested and wanted to be a donor for a bone marrow transplant this summer as did her friend Hannah...
She was not a match nor was Hannah.
Katie is loosing her battle.
I have no words beyond prayer, and thankful that my Guangxi girl is healthy.
I am still so saddened for this special family.
Please pray for Katie and her family.
You can google Katie's blog, or find it on Rumor Queen. Thank you MCK.
While we do not personnaly know this family, we have followed their blog for quite some time. The faith that this family has is an inspiration.

updated 1/8
Katie's blog posted that she was home with the Lord January 6th.
This young lady so touched my heart.

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DiJo said...

We are one big family when it comes to our girls Jill!
A privilege to pray!