Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Emily

Emily is 8 today. I was reading a favorite blog yesterday, and it talked very eloquently about freezing time. I sometimes wish I could freeze all of my kids just like they are, adorable and loving, and all happily at home. I cannot believe how quickly 8 years has gone by. Seems like yesterday that we met Emily in LA and saw those beautiful dimples for the first time. She is such a sweet and loving soul. Her smile lights up our world. Thank you to everyone who could share the day with her, and to her Grandparents, Aunt Carrie, and others who were thinking of Emily today! We had so much fun, feeding the ducks, riding the train, enjoying a family picnic, a bbq for dinner, and Daddy's homemade cake to celebrate a very special girl. Happy Birthday Emily Kim Sabrina C....
We love you so much! Thank you for sparkling up our world!

A special thank you to Claire who redid the entire Blessed with 5 blog today! Love our creative teen....She also took most of these pictures.


DiJo said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!!!! We pray you have an amazing year!!!

And, Claire - you rock!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Emily! We love you! Claire, awesome job on the blog design!
Love Mary

Anonymous said...

This was such a great weekend being with the birthday girl, the other kids and family members.

Our picnic was such fun.

We miss you already. Hope to see you again in a few short months.

Ammy & PaPa