Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I am thankful for an amazing family. Our family isn't ordinary, just incredibly special. We have some amazing friends that are also part of our forever family. We are connected by love. An incredible gift. I am grateful that my children are so loved, and that they can be who they want to be. This retail Mama is taking a few days off. I can't wait to play with the sweetest kiddos ever. They make every day an adventure. I love them so much!

PS love the Kitty that found a safe place under the Christmas tree.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas

Here we are 5 days before the most blessed day of all. Presents are bought, menus are planned, and we are so ready for Christmas day. I am praying for all of the families out there that still are in need. There are many. I am praying for Jenny and Ivy, I want them to finally come home to families who love them. R and I are so blessed and fortunate to have such a sweet and perfect family. My happiest of moments are those where everyone I love is under the same roof. We won't have everyone celebrating with us, but there will be a very impressive gathering. We will miss those who couldn't make it. We will celebrate our special brood of 5. We are hoping that everyone has the most amazing Holiday. It's a little early, but Merry Christmas, and have a very blessed New Year.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our Littlest Chef

This boy can cook! He wants to be a chef. These pictures were from a few weeks ago, but he can make anything taste amazing. I think he has found his calling! A special congrats to a this year's G All Star soccer team member! You rock Quinn.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shaelani's Special Night Front and Center

Tears were streaming down my face as Ms Shaelee sang her little Kindergarten heart out tonight at her very first musical performance. Claire and I tried to get pictures, but while she was front and center a really animated little boy kept taking her space. Grrrr. But he was as cute as could be, think Quinn 7 years ago! Shaelee was so proud of herself, and Claire made sure she looked beautiful, as I was sneaking in at the last minute (on a plane, what can I say?), I was awestruck by how pretty she was. Claire and I sat on the floor in front of the stage, and she waved and smiled at us, and I am pretty sure I heard her say "that's my Jei Jei."
She did a wonderful job...
And when we got home, she opened the most thoughtful and amazing gift from her best buddy in the whole world, Ms Tung Tung. Sienna, you picked out the perfect gift, and your buddy loves you so much! Thank you for making a really great day, extra special and perfect. Nadi loves her blanket, but she loves it most because it came from you Sienna. Hugs little friend!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend 2011

I got really frustrated with the blog last night, couldn't seem to post. Tonight I came home and Claire had figured it out and pulled all the pictures. She rocks!

I love the kid's artwork. One of the best perks of being a Mom. We spent Sunday putting up the tree, and I dusted all off the kid's artwork cabinet. I just smiled and smiled at all that they have done over the years. I love having family over, and we can't wait for Ammie and Papa to get here in mid December. Thank you Kim, and very special cousins for some really sweet family time. (C and C are going to be amazing parents someday!)

Thank you for the prayers for the 2 Grandmas. We love you both!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Congratulations Claire

Congratulations Claire.
5th in State for Beam and Floor.
Injured and hurting, you made it through.
So proud of you.
And thank you to K for the picture, and Misty and friends for being there to cheer our girl on!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

2 Girls from China

10 years separate these girls and provinces side by side. Without Claire there would never have been #2 #3 #4 or #5. My precious 16 year old is amazing. I woke up this morning to a new blog and a new day. Thank you Claire for being such a special sweet girl. We love you! Sweet siblings you and Shaelani are for sure.
Thank you for just being you.
Love you so much.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Shaelani

Happy 6th Birthday sweet girl! Shaelee, you are pure sunshine and joy, and I am so glad that I skipped work and played all day with you and the family.
After Church, Shaelee wanted to go out for Chinese food. Just as we were finishing up,her best buddy called. She grinned from ear to ear, because now, she was 6 too. Thank you Sienna for your very special birthday wish!

I am not sure how it happened, but at lunch, Shaelee decided to get her ears pierced. I have always said, when they ask, we will do it. But the littles haven't asked. Only Claire, when she was 11. But Shaelee wanted to do it, and Emily thought she might like pierced ears too! Are you kidding, on my one day off, here we all were, off to the mall. There was serious fear, but pretty is pretty, and Shaelee wanted those sparkly pink earrings. Emily wanted "diamond" earrings. Same earrings different colors.

When I asked who was going first, Emily pointed to Shaelee, because she was scared(let the little sister test it out). So there was the birthday girl, on Claire's lap, hugging a teddy with tears rolling down her face. I told her, you don't have to do this sweetie, but she wanted her ears pierced, and she wasn't going home without the bling. Next up was Emily, who hid her eyes and was equally as scared. But, she wasn't going to let her little sister show her up, and she gamely sat on Claire's lap for her turn at a little sparkle as well.

They said it didn't hurt much, but they had themselves so worked up, they had me in tears. But once it was done, they were admiring themselves in every mirror that they could find. They also can't wait to show Lexi that they too, have some seriously pretty earrings.

From there, we went to the park. What a beautiful day! I was hoping for Christmas pictures, but I don't think I got one. I did get some cute pics of the fabulous 5 playing oh so nicely together. A stop for a little ice cream, and we were home to celebrate a very special birthday.

Claire, thank you for making the cake!

Shaelee, we love you so much. You are such a special girl, and we are so blessed that 2 years ago, you became our daughter. Your personality sparkles like those new earrings, and you remind me everyday that you are are a very special gift from God. Happy 6th Birthday Shaelee! We love you!

PS KHAY they grow up so fast...