Sunday, September 26, 2010

911 Only Words

Friday night at Claire's gymnastics meet her really good friend had a horrific nasty fall. I was the Mom who placed the 911 call. M is just fine, a dislocated shoulder, and 30 plus girls watching the parade of firemen....they were distraught to say the least.

Fast forward to today, Ralph is out running and I get a call asking me if I had placed a 911 call. I try to explain that one of my 5 kids must have overheard Ralph and I talking about Friday night. 15 minutes later a Policeman arrives at our home. (Thank goodness it was clean!) I explained the situation and he asked me if he could come in. I let him in of course (Ralph was beside himself that I did)....girl alone, lots of kids....oh well, he had a uniform, a badge and a gun...I was letting him in.

He asks us all if we are ok? All 5 kids smile at him in wonder. I KNOW who called, but that child isn't telling.

Tonight, I ask the question, Vincent, tell me the truth did you call 911? He says no. I tell him that I will find out and Mom's always know....he asks me "how"? I just tell him that God will tell me...(where did that come from?)

He breaks down in tears and tells me that yes, he did it. A kid from Sunday School dared him. Big hugs later, and a letter to the police...too precious not to share...

Dear Gilbert Peolice,
Someone at church dared me to call 911 So I did. I am so sorry it was wrong. I will not do it agean. I am 9 years old and I new beter.
Thank you for the jod you do.

Priceless boy, he learned a lesson today. Not everyone can be trusted, even in Sunday School....big hugs, proud that he told the truth, and overwhelmed with his honesty. I hope he reads this someday, just to know that we love him so very much!