Friday, June 25, 2010

Claire's 14th Chinese Reunion: You Ladies are Beautiful!

In May of 1996, 14 families traveled to Nanning Guangxi China to adopt 14 amazing babies.
Every year we get together to celebrate our girls. This year 8 families found their way back to each other for our 14th China reunion. Blessed our we, to have been able to adopt these beautiful young ladies, and to share and to be a part of their lives. These families are a part of our family now, bonded in China by 14 precious babies that have grown to be such special young ladies. These families went on to adopt other siblings. Today, the adults were outnumbered by their children. What a beautiful day in Chicago!

Tomorrow we are so excited to see our friends Matt and Christine, Josie, Anna and our beloved Kate, who was our social director in China. Cannot wait to see how Josie has grown, and Emily is thrilled to meet yet another 7 year old with dimples!

Love the picture of the "little girls", check out the boy in the background (:

Shaelee anxiously awaits Monday, when she will see her own China best buddy Ms Tung Tung. Only 2 more sleeps little girl.....