Saturday, December 11, 2010


We are knee deep in Kid's Christmas parties, Musicals, Quinn's sports, school work, and keeping a house full of kid's moving along at lightening speed. Mom is working like crazy, Dad is holding his own, and Rochelle is working double duty. Claire is wrapping presents for everyone, and she is also making presents for people that she loves. I love her creativity. I appreciate that all of the Kiddo's chip in to help without too much complaining. We really need it this time of year, and 10 extra hands can do wonderful things.

In spite of everything going on, there is always time to reflect and relax. So with that thought in mind, here is a favorite picture of Claire and Vincent just relaxing and hanging out together....
Sweet siblings.

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Anonymous said...

Love this beautiful picture. It should be sent to a magazine. What a handsome dude and Claire, as always, so...........pretty.

Love you,