Sunday, December 12, 2010

Can I Take Your Picture, Please?

Sometimes, the kids just do not want to get their picture taken. Thankfully in this case Emily came through, and persuaded her little sis to finally take a picture. This was last weekend, and I just wanted to get a picture of the girls in their chosen footwear.
I love that they were wearing flip flops and cowboy boots. The weather was beautiful, and I guess, anything they chose would be just fine.

Also, just want to wish Lexi a very Happy 2nd Birthday! Love you!


DiJo said...

We won't be seeing flip flops until we see you in March!!!


Anonymous said...

I have not been to this blog for a while. Almost missed these last two postings. Love the footwear on these two cuties. They march to their own drummer.

Love you,