Saturday, November 6, 2010

Today is my Birthday! Shaelee is 5

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Today our peanut turned 5. One year ago today, we were China bound, anxiously awaiting our new daughter. She spent 4 years in China with a special friend named Sienna. Today, they are both home, and today, Shaelee is 5, just like her best buddy!
I didn't really notice Quinn's team number until today, it just screamed at me! #5!!!
Happy Birthday Ms Shealee.
Thank to Ms Lexi(and Family) for joining our breakfast party....we all give new meaning to "Party of 5"....
Thank you Ammie and Papa, and Grandpa and Grandma, Aunt Carrie, Aunt Kim and Uncle Chris....
And to Tung Tung for remembering that Nadi loves Hello Kitty....
What a wonderful day!


DiJo said...

Happy Birthday Nadi!!!!! I am so glad that your "Hello Kitty" found you!!! I can't wait to celebrate again next weekend. I love you sooooo much!

Your very best friend,
Tung Tung

Anonymous said...

Wish we could have been there for the birthday. Please know we are always thinking about each of you, even if we can't be there on your birthday. (Maybe we can be there to celebrate Emily's - that is our hope).

Love you,