Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shaelee and Sienna

What a very special weekend for Shaelee and Mom. We had the honor of being able to attend Shaelee's best buddy, Sienna's Dedication. I am always amazed at the love these little ones have for each other. I am sure that neither of them could have imagined, a year ago, how much their lives would change. Within about a month of each other, these girls were both dedicated to the Lord, and I hope that someday they remember that they were, as it should be, there for each other.

Shaelee and I are also a bit in awe of all of the snow that we saw. For the girls from AZ, this was a rare treat, to see so much snow falling at once. We are so grateful that we did not have to do much driving, and that Ms D took care of all of the snow gear so that Shaelee could enjoy the weather with her friends Sienna, Ainsley and Ruby.

Thankful for a special weekend with special friends.

PS Somehow, I got home with pictures of bedposts, pillows, the floor, and many other very blurry objects. Not sure what happened to the Dedication pictures, but I did manage to salvage about 20 pictures from the day before. (:
Thank you D and J


Anonymous said...

Pics of special friends are so sweet. Looks like Miss Shealani was enjoying herself. Very beautiful. Gotta love that snow. Thanks for the post.


DiJo said...

Thanks for enduring The Great White North!!!!
We LOVED having you here to share in S's special day!
Thank you for making their special friendship a priority! We are blessed to have you in our lives!!

Miss you!