Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

When you work in retail, you have to plan ahead. Otherwise, the meaning of Christmas can get lost somewhere between taking care of the shoppers and taking care of how the family celebrates the holiday. We usually don't set up the tree this early, but I was inspired by a few things. Last weekend Shaelee and I saw snow...and lots of it. And this weekend, our friend Ms Mary told me that she had her house decorated already. So, Ralph got down the boxes and the 2 biggest kids helped to decorate the tree. We had a great time, as did the little one's celebrating in the backyard. Wish I knew what had Vincent so excited!

I was telling Quinn that when he was about 3, he was beyond fascinated by the tree. We told him that he could look, but not to go onto the hardwood floor. More than once we heard the crash of an ornament, only to find Quinn looking at the tree from the tile. Clearly not on the hardwood floor. He was just too cute standing there with a big grin on his face. I think he thought that he was pulling one over on us, but the truth was, he had such a good time checking out that tree, that a few ornaments on the ground were a small price to pay.

This Sunday our Pastor gave us some interesting statistics. 26% of gifts received aren't really wanted. 41% of gifts are lost or broken by April of the following year. And that $40 would feed an orphan in Africa for a full year. The kid's have all agreed to give up one present to feed an orphan for a year. Of course one of them wanted to "see" the present and give up the least favorite. Had to redirect that thought process!

Anyway, it was great getting the tree set up, the Christmas cards ordered, and 98% of the Christmas shopping complete....

Christmas is our favorite time of the year! Thankful that our children understand the reason for this very special season.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


DiJo said...

I love that the kids are willing to give up a gift!!!! Big hearts like their amazing parents!!!! Merry Christmas early!!!!


Anonymous said...

Those sweet, excited kids remind us of all the years we celebrated Christmas with them, especially the older ones. It's a joy to see the smiling faces of the "big kids" decorating the tree. Good job!

Love ya,
Ammy & PaPa