Sunday, November 7, 2010

Christmas Pictures....NOT, but we tried!

Today, we tried twice to take our Christmas pictures. We got up at the crack of dawn and our friend Barb, was here to take pictures at 8:30am. Well, that didn't work, even though we tried. Then we went back to the park right at dusk, we got some great pictures, well 1, but behind the kids were huge power lines! So, we'll start over after Thanksgiving. So much for organization! But we all laughed at the top picture of Quinn yawning! The other's are a little photo challenged as well. It's tough to get a picture with 5 children all looking good! So this is our blooper pic!

But we had a great time, feeding the ducks, riding the train, and being silly. I think these kids are cute as can be. Take it for what it is worth, from a really proud Mom.


Unknown said...

I love the one of Claire!!! She looks amazing! Can't wait to see the Christams card! M

Anonymous said...

We love these pictures. The one of the "professor," Quinn takes this prize. As usual, the pictures are so cute and makes us homesick to see them.

Love, Ammy