Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shaelee's Special Day

This Sunday, we celebrated Shaelee's Dedication to the Lord. She was surrounded by many of us who love her and who appreciate her very much. I am not sure that she really knew how serious it was, because as you can see from the pictures, with all those kid's around, there was a lot of laughter. But as we were all gathered around her and prayed for her, she looked at me and whispered in my ear and asked me "Momma why are you crying?" The only answer I had was that I loved her very much. Such a sweet peanut. What a special Dedication ceremony.

I am so grateful for this special child, as well as for her brothers and sisters. She has blessed our family so much, and we love her with all of our hearts. I am also grateful that she has such special family and friends that were able to join us. Aunt Kim and Uncle Chris, who are so amazing to these kids and who always take the time to share in their lives. Thank you for being such amazing Godparents.

Emma, who is like our daughter. Karen, who is a special friend to me.

Brian, Mary and your beautiful family, who are such wonderful friends as well. Thankful always that we found each other in Changsha, and that we are able to be a part of each others lives here in AZ.

I am also so thankful that Shaelee's best buddy Sienna could be here with her on her special day, and her beautiful sister Ruby. There were a few tears shed over the beautiful story of the 2 S's (well maybe more than a few, and a few more as I type this). So incredibly happy that Shaelee's Godmother, Diana could be here to share in this very special day. To see God's plan for our families come to fruition was both awesome and humbling. You have been such a blessing to our family over the last year.

It was a very special weekend, and a very special day with very special people who we love very much! We are incredibly blessed with 5...

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Anonymous said...

A very special day for Shealoni and her friend. They look so sweet together. Sounds like a wonderful day with friends and family.

Love, Ammy