Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mr Frugal

This wasn't the most glamorous of weekends. Ralph went to a gymnastics meet out of town with Claire, and I was alone with the 4 pack. Not a bad thing, they mostly crack me up. We woke up Saturday and I thought I was so prepared for Quinn's soccer game. I had the grapes bagged, the gatoraid cooled, and ice. We were in good shape. We loaded up the Camry and started off to the field.

I will just say that my husband is frugal. I will be thankful someday when I can retire, and all the kids are through school, but Saturday, I wasn't loving frugal. One way that Ralph keeps us frugal, is slightly used (well at some point they were), cars. Ralph had my Volvo at Claire's meet. I was left with the 1994 Camry (200,000 plus miles) and the 2000 Blazer. I remember buying that Camry right before we adopted Claire. We needed a 4 door with a new baby. I also remember buying that Blazer. Quinn was barely home from Korea, and it was our first new car (and our last). Anyway, we keep them in repair, and they are paid for.

So, I was barely around the corner in the Camry, and the power steering was not working right. I had just gotten a clean bill of health on that car 2 weeks ago, and a very nice bill I might add. No worries, there was another car at home. We unloaded one, and loaded up the other.... off we went. 4 kids and the team snacks that everyone was counting on. It was also picture day (and I forgot the checkbook). We happily arrive ready for a great game.
Except that when I came back after the pictures to get the snacks out, the key fob wouldn't work. So I used the key and the car alarm began screeching. (I call Ralph who tells me that I have the wrong key fob, I need the one I left at home) The car will not move. How would I know that?

So, another soccer mom called another soccer dad and off we went back to the house. I found the correct keys and yes, I had found the right key fob! I was able to unload the snacks, and after the game get the kids and I back home. We went to see Karate Kid....loved it, and went out to dinner. And then, yes, the second key fob failed. Luckily, we had not locked the car door during dinner.

Today, we went to Church, and once home, Quinn hit the auto lock. Well, there was no going anywhere. Those key fobs were not working. So, AAA arrived at our door, hauled one car away, and showed me how to shut off the alarm manually. Vincent was in heaven. He was waiting at the door for the tow truck. He loved every minute of it. So, here is my thought, Mr Frugal needs to pony up a new car or a bus, which is what we really need!

The good news? Quinn won his soccer match, Claire placed on beam, Vincent had a great time looking at the big truck, the 4 pack had a great time with Brian and Mary and their kid's.....(and we had a little time to plan a few adventures for some special friends that we hope to see in a few weeks).

And the biggest blessing of all, Sienna, Shaelee's best buddy came through her surgery with flying colors! Ms Shaelee is very relieved....
Not a glamorous weekend, but certainly an eventful one.

Ralph and Claire are home, the boys are asleep, and the little girls are chatting quietly in their room. I can hear them trying to be very quiet. All is well and good with the world...even if we have a few frugal issues that crop up here and there!

Oh, and we did a little laundry too. And check out who was hiding underneath it all. Funny girl.


Unknown said...

Had a great time at Jump Street! Good luck with your dress search! Mary

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like Viny had a great day in spite of all the turmoil. Lots of entertainment going on.