Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Little Culture Fest

It has been a very busy weekend. Today, Emily, Quinn and Shaelee enjoyed a little Korean culture complete with music, dancing and food. Quinn was loving every minute of it. We met a young lady who had spent 5 months in Korea volunteering at the orphanage with all of the babies. She was a very brave 25 year old, who did it on her own with the hope of helping the children and the agency that arranged her adoption.

As you can see, when asked for volunteers, all three of the C's were all over helping out. Little Shaelee got to pull out a name for a prize. The girl's did a little climbing, and a little bit of acrobatics. Ms Shaelee is seen here attempted a cartwheel, and she can get halfway up that pole.... Ms Emily continues to be as strong as can be, and can make it all the way up.

We had a really wonderful time.
Vincent and Claire were at home helping Dad with his new tool/toy. He was steaming grout today. Unbelievable what that new toy can do.

We are very excited to see the R's next week. Shaelee cannot stop talking about Tung Tung! What a blessing those 2 little peanuts are to their families. Can't wait to see you all!

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Anonymous said...

This looks like a fun day, and a special day for Quinn and Emily. As usual, they participate in each other's cultural activities, which is a good thing. Shaeloni is having a fun day looks like. Love the pictures of these very special kids.

Love you,