Sunday, September 26, 2010

911 Only Words

Friday night at Claire's gymnastics meet her really good friend had a horrific nasty fall. I was the Mom who placed the 911 call. M is just fine, a dislocated shoulder, and 30 plus girls watching the parade of firemen....they were distraught to say the least.

Fast forward to today, Ralph is out running and I get a call asking me if I had placed a 911 call. I try to explain that one of my 5 kids must have overheard Ralph and I talking about Friday night. 15 minutes later a Policeman arrives at our home. (Thank goodness it was clean!) I explained the situation and he asked me if he could come in. I let him in of course (Ralph was beside himself that I did)....girl alone, lots of kids....oh well, he had a uniform, a badge and a gun...I was letting him in.

He asks us all if we are ok? All 5 kids smile at him in wonder. I KNOW who called, but that child isn't telling.

Tonight, I ask the question, Vincent, tell me the truth did you call 911? He says no. I tell him that I will find out and Mom's always know....he asks me "how"? I just tell him that God will tell me...(where did that come from?)

He breaks down in tears and tells me that yes, he did it. A kid from Sunday School dared him. Big hugs later, and a letter to the police...too precious not to share...

Dear Gilbert Peolice,
Someone at church dared me to call 911 So I did. I am so sorry it was wrong. I will not do it agean. I am 9 years old and I new beter.
Thank you for the jod you do.

Priceless boy, he learned a lesson today. Not everyone can be trusted, even in Sunday School....big hugs, proud that he told the truth, and overwhelmed with his honesty. I hope he reads this someday, just to know that we love him so very much!


Anonymous said...

Viny, it was a good thing for you to be honest and to write a letter to the police. I think you will always remember this and just don't pay attention to what other kids tell you to do when it's wrong to do it.

We love you,
Ammy & PaPa

Unknown said...

Oh Vinny! Brady called 911 when he was 20 months old. The numbers 9 and 1 were right where his fingers would hit when he grabbed the phone. He had no idea he was calling but that didnt stop the police from visiting us either. Yep they also came inside to check the place out. We offered hime cookies and lemonaid and he accepted! It ended up being a really fun time and he even showed us his siren when he left! I'm glad you told mom the truth. We love you!

DiJo said...

Sweet boy!!! Those life lessons are so hard!!! What a blessing that he has a Mom that is so loving and wonderful!!! I am sure you handled it beautifully!!!!

Sorry, about Claire's friend!!!

LOVE the gymnastic pics... And, look how long Nadi's hair is getting!!! I am catching up as you can see!!!

Wish you were here this week!!!

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