Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend Buzz

It's really hot here, so Saturday night we took the kid's out to a movie. We had to do a little waiting for the show to begin, and of course, if there is water around, the kid's are going to find it. And they did! When we got home from China last November, poor Quinn, could not catch a break with his new sister. He tried to carry her, and bribed her with gum and ice cream to get a little attention from her. Not sure why, by Ms Shaelee just didn't want to warm up to her big brother right away. Fast forward to now, and watching them today, they are such a sweet sight. He still loves to make her laugh, and sometimes tries too hard, and makes her mad...but they love each other very much and they have such a warm and endearing relationship. I love it when he sees her after some time apart, and yells "Shaelani!" She beams now when she hears him call her name...she instinctively knows that he has a very soft spot for her.
It wasn't the best movie that we chose, but it sure was fun watching all of the kids having fun, and playing so well together. Ralph and I laughed that the 7 of us, pretty much take up our own row at this point!
I still haven't found out what Dad and Claire were discussing on the side, but it didn't look too serious...
Have a great week everyone.


Unknown said...

All Right Missy......this 5 second pass and wave thing on Sundays just really is NOT workin for me!!!! I miss my sunday mornings, the Every time I see a Red Bull I think of our special Sunday morning seating and I miss it so! We need to pick a meeting spot or something because as soon as the ushers see it's just the 2 of us they take us right to the front row :(
I'll email you later today. Love you all!!! Mary
P.S Check out the little critter Lexi caught yesterday. Its on my Sunday post on her blog. Yuck!!

DiJo said...

I can't believe the kids are back to school... Love this post. Shaelee looks so CUTE in that top pic with her big brother!!!


3 Peanuts said...

I bet you do almost take up a whole row at the movies:) So cute.