Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shaelee in the City

There were so many cute pictures of the girl's in the city, but none as sweet as these. I didn't really understand what this precious little girl was thinking on Monday morning when Claire was taking these photos. We did all the NYC things, we saw the King Tut exhibition, did the American Girl Store, the set of "Today", and 5th Avenue....a lot to see in less than 24 hours. But the most challenging moment of all, was when I was packing the girl's up to get on the plane with Ms Karen to return to AZ.

Sitting just outside the Marriott Times Square Starbucks, Ms Shaelee sobbed her little heart out, crying "I want a you momma". Tears streamed down my face (and hers) as I tried to explain that she would be home tonight with Emily, Quinn and Viny. No amount of reassuring her could calm her down. It broke my heart. Finally, she caved in and let Claire console her. With a sad heart, I put them in a car bound for the airport, and wished them safe travels, reminding Claire to text me along the way to let me know that all was well. As with most children, once a few miles down the road, all was well again....

Reflecting on her sadness and those sincere little tears, I can only think, that she must have been thinking that she was in a big city, lots of tall buildings, in a strange place, and faced with unknowns...could she have been afraid that she was going to yet another family?

I don't know, but her tears were real, her words so heartbreaking, and my own heart, beyond broken. I think of her Foster Mom, that she calls Ni Ni, and that she asks about a lot these days. Shaelee is loved and appreciated by her family and friends every day. In her 4 year old mind, for a brief time, she was truly sad. I am grateful for her Ni Ni and her foster family and for those in China who taught this sweet 4 year old how to love.

We love you so much sweet girl!
PS When I called home the next morning, Ms Shae was back to her sunny sweet happy self....


DiJo said...

Oh sweet girl.. Those pictures remind me of Sienna sitting at the window in Changsha staring at the world for hours... So much to process in such a short time for our girls. Yes, they were loved.. But, daily they need the reassurance that we are here FOREVER!!!

Love and hugs to you Friend!

Anonymous said...

Sweet, sweet pictures. The pictures at the window seem to be so reflective. Happy that everyone had a good time and got home safely.

Love you,