Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our First Wedding!

It was our first wedding that we have attended as an entire family. One of our oldest AZ friend's daughter got married last night. The kids had the best time. They little girls didn't know what to think when they saw that pretty girl in a long white dress walking down the aisle. But they figured out pretty quickly that it was special, and it was going to be fun! They enjoyed the dancing, and took a ring side seat to watch the first dance and get a close up view of everything going on. The food was great, the wedding was beautiful and it was great to see old friends. I love the picture of Claire and Daddy. I wonder if he thought at all that he too, someday will have to walk his own daughters down the aisle? I only know that we cherish each day that we are all together under the same roof as a family.
PS The kids are toasting with apple cider...Hugs to all!

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Anonymous said...

Really enjoying these pictures. Claire is beautiful, as are Emily and Shealoni. I must say the two boys are very good looking as well.

Happy you all got to go to the wedding. The girls, especially, will remember it for a long time.

Love to you all,