Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday's Sweet Son

Vincent reads everyday, and sometimes twice a day...usually to Dad or Mom, or to himself.
What a sweet boy. I found him Sunday reading The Princess and the Pea to his little sisters. If you ask me, they totally enjoyed his storytelling. I overheard Emily tell him that "real" princesses really can feel the pea under their mattresses. I wonder if I should put one under the 2 Princesses in the picture just to check it out. Emily and Shaelee you are the best little Princesses (of course Claire is our big Princess), and Mr V, you are such a sweet little Prince. Thank you for reading one of your sister's favorite stories.

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Anonymous said...

Viny, keep up the summer reading! Good job. Looks like your sisters are enjoying "The Princess and the Pea." That was one of my favorites (a long, long, time ago).

So, to the three Crago princesses and two princes - enjoy what is left of your summer vacation.

Loved the Viny pictures.