Sunday, July 18, 2010

Soccor Boy is Home!

On Saturday, we picked up our favorite Soccer Boy from his week long camp! It was so good to see him. As a Mom, I know it is important to let your kid's do things independently, but it sure was a long week! Anyway, he had a great time. Before he left I packed him up with 2 disposable cameras, a pre-paid cell phone, and asked him to get email addresses so that he could be in touch with his buddies until next summer. He did text me or call home every night (until Thursday anyway, when he discovered he took the wrong charger with him), which made the time away a little better for Mom and Dad. He did not however; take a single picture, nor did he come home with a single email address. But as you can see from the hugs he got from an older soccer pal, he made lots of friends, which is signature Quinn. We got big hugs, and beautiful Quinn smiles. Ended the day with a picnic with Aunt Kim and Uncle Chris. It was a bit cloudy, and the picnic ended with us packing up quickly as the downpour began. We did not make it to the Grand Canyon, but the smiles on the Kid's faces this weekend were grand enough for us!
Vincent starts a week of camp at the end of the month, he cannot wait!

A special shout out and Happy Birthday to Sienna's Dad!


Unknown said...

So happy Quinn had fun sway at camp(you are so BRAVE, I'm still hanging on) and everyones home. Bummer no Grand Canyon :( Love the shot of the little girls on the porch, just the sweetest faces!!! I miss my E and S hugs!!

Anonymous said...

Quinn, I know your family was happy to have you back home, although knowing you, you may have been okay staying a little bit longer.

Great pictures of you and all the Crago kids. You are all so cute (a totally impatial view that I have).

Love you all,